s'mores and all
april cv week | molly patton & adam curry

He was going on a date? No an outing with a cute girl. Adam put on the blue shirt with birds of paradise scattered across before running to his pops. "Does look okay?" He had orange khakis with his loafers. He wasn't sure how one would dress for these things, and his closet didnt have any sort of tees inside.

He grabbed a jacket and waved to his dad. This was going to be fun. All Adam had to do was watch what he was doing. She pulled up, and he had a big grin on his face while waving profusely. "Hey hey."

Dating wasn't something she had done in quite some time, and Molly wasn't sure if this was exactly dating; even if hanging out with a boy you liked kind of counted as dating once it went over two or three times. Right?

She tried not think about it too hard, focusing instead on the excitement she felt as she drove up to the Curry's house. It was the third time she'd been over in as many days, though and eventually, she'd have to think about it... right?

Once she got to the drive way, she waved at Adam, well aware she was dressed rather plainly in a blue dress, boots that still needed a bit of a clean, and her hair was a little more windswept than she wanted. And... still, somehow, it felt normal when she gave a small honk. "Hey! Get on in." She stuck her head out to his dad, "Promise to be back on time, Mr. Curry."

Once Adam was in the car, she put the car into drive, saying, "You can pick the music if you want. You feeling okay?"

This girl had been over so many times. His dad was even joking that he was going to be having a hot date. The man was right. He was going out for s'mores and with her. Adam made his shirt was tucked into his shorts, no buckle flapping into the wind when he ran out. He didnt think about his hair.

He got into the car and waved at his dad as his hands ended up on his knees, tapping them while letting the jitters out. This was one of the only things working.

"Yeah just nervous because you're really dope and I'm the lanky swimmer. Its rad that we have been hanging out, and I just want to keep kissing you because it feels normal." He chuckled and leaned against the seat while looking at her. To him this was familiar in some way. He looked over to her, "cds? Or phone?"

"I got both," Molly twirled her fingers, floating the aux cord from the floor and into his lap. "CDs are in the back, if you want them -- they're mostly mix tapes and stuff." She didn't mention that a lot of the mixtapes belonged to the Saylors, who had an entirely different taste than her.

She was going to add something else, and of all times, she felt her face flush at Adam's words. "You're not just a lanky swimmer. Don't sell yourself short," she reached over to nudge him in the shoulder, "I like kissing you because you're nice to kiss. And I like hanging out with you cause... you're fun. Not like the other boys I've ever met. You're different -- and I like different. I like nice."

He held the phone and flipped through spotify. He went to the bon Jovi radio. He could jam away to the classics. Air guitar with and air kick. It seemed like the best music for them. He swallowed hard as he placed the phone down, looking at her. Her hair ruffled with the wind. There was a glow he saw. Plus her words just made him smile hard which led to him slapping his thighs.

"I dont know how to talk to pretty girls. I like you. Plus we can say this is a date, if you are cool with it?" He nodded and gave a howl to the moon while moving his eyes to the scenery. It wasn't the first he has been told he is nice, but he preferred to blend with the crowd.

Bon Jovi? She cranked up the music, singling a long a bit, not minding hsi air kick or air guitar, chiming in when she could.

She glanced at him, noting the blonde hair in the sunlight, choosing to think a little bit before she spoke. "Pretty girls are just like other girls, promise," Molly grinned, "Not all pretty girls are cool though, if you get my drift." She didn't think she had to say someone like Edie. Her fingers did, however, fumble a little bit at the wheel, blushing a little more. "Yeah, we can call it a date. A casual, fun date." She almost asked about the... boyfriend, girlfriend question, but she put it away for the moment. "If you don't mind calling yesterday a date, too. I don't think I've ever been somewhere that pretty before. How did you find it?"

She was totally right about that. Most of the pretty girls that were trendy people were insane and made him want to beat his head against a wall. This was perfect, and his dad was right about him going out. Molly was different, and he just felt comfortable around her. He could just let go and be himself. It was interesting not being the daily swimmer. "It was a date. Plus would you come to my swim meet Wednesday? I look awesome in a speedo." He had scrawny legs and decent abs.

Adam hadn't really dated anyone since Mare. She moved away, and so he truly just kept to himself. Then he saw Molly, and it was as if he had done a complete 180. He waited for the car to stop before giving her a kiss on the cheek. His arm extended behind the head rest as he continued to sing out the lyrics in a horrible tone. He had to control himself to stop singing. "My pops and I found it. Though a lot of people know about it, mainly marine biologist because they get samples of some of the organisms there. It is neat seaing a lot of sponges and mussels outside of the ocean and right there before you. Especially all of those colors. We can always go again, if you ever wanted to."