known as molly saylor-curry
date of birth 12.26.1983
alterego madelyne pryor
occupation bodyshop owner
threat level omega level mutant
csa, cv status at large, unveiled

assessment possesses anti-CSA sentiments. was approached in 05/2019, without success. agents reported that subject had no powers when visted despite surveillance indicating otherwise. subject has shown high disregard for authority, unstable powers, and shifting alliances. researching into other methods to bring subject in have failed.

known abilities — telepathy
— telekinesis
— magic
— flight
— reality manipulation
— strongly suspected to be the host of the phoenix force.

known associates name: adam curry / husband. / name: nora saylor / supergirl, cousin risk assessement considered to be high risk. after the contact with two previous agents, there have been statements made that suggest subject is aware of CSA surveillance and has potentially contaminated the two previous agents. further attempts to assess and recruit will be made. additional notes IF FILE IS LOCATED BY ARTHUR KEATS OR GEORGE LARSEN, EXPUNGE IMMEDIATELY AND RETURN HOME.