full name. mahin lorenz
dob + age. december 1st, 27 years old
status divorced
occupation. freelance pianist & trainer
family faison (5 y.o.)
personality. ravenclaw, ISFP
social media. instagram: mahinmusic snapchat: mahinmusic


She was a rich woman. Poised, styled with a certain finesse that made the room turn, a delicate stare with a haunting smile. This woman stood in the shadows of her father. He had a way of making her feel afraid. The man was powerful throughout Central America, shifting the ways of drugs going in and out of the country without being caught. He arranged her hand in marriage, but she fought her way out of this lifestyle. Her whole life crumbling, fleeing and meeting a man across the border. His family worked as servants to her father, and they opened this opportunity for her after the abuse she took.

He was middle class. A mix breed, a complication to the nation, african american and cochiti pueblo mix. His brassy voice carried every note with precision. A musical genius who was rough around the edges. Even with nature behind him, John "Little River" danced with whatever fire came at him. His cousins managed to get a letter to him and he helped get her across. That was when destiny embraced their lives, love at first sight.

Throughout the ten years they spent with one another, a new addition was added to the mix. From New Mexico to New York, in the Bronx, Maria and John opened up boutique with native american inspired jewelry. Mahin was raised in the back of the store until she was of age to go to school. Along with her father, the arts were apart of her life. Even if she could not carry a tune, her fingers carried power across the keys of a piano. They decided to put a piano in the store and after school, the young child played for customers.

A customer called the way she played, meticulous but sensitive. It carried passion, and for her being so young, it was a gift. The woman paid for her first two semesters at Bloomingdale's school of music, and the little girl went their every Monday and Wednesday evenings. Her musicianship was eloquent. At the end of the semesters, she got to play a piece for the parents. Chopin and Schubert were her favorites to play.

After one recital, every thing she once knew was lost. Her father gone. His beautiful voice was now with family in heaven. A fatal car accident for him, but she suffered a severe head trauma. After three surgeries, in two years, her hearing would never come back. Every that mattered to her was taken. There was no way to listen to a bow sliding across a violin string or the way fingers moved along the keys of a piano. The first year was the hardest. Her mother kept her head held high, trying her best not to break. She pushed for Mahin to go to school, but it was hard for her to get any work done. The teachers had to work different for her, writing it down or typing it out.

The family that Mihan never heard about, came to her mother's rescue after one phone call. Maria had been struggling financially and emotionally, it was tough for a teenager to witness. Antonio Lorenz married her mother within the second anniversary of her father's death. There was no rebellion. Whatever Mihan needed and wanted, it was hers. Even though, she could not hear anything, she adapted quickly. Reading lips were her specialty, sign language was second nature. To many others, they quickly thought she was ignoring them. Her love life was a long dirt road, no one wanted to deal with. Some times it was very entertaining.

They married, and it was not spur of the moment, this felt right. There was passion, a mixture of emotions which she had just felt for the first time. Before she knew it she welcomed a baby boy. One she was not expecting, not this quickly. Every person enjoyed their "me" time but that went away. It went away exactly as soon as she saw his brown eyes looking at her, her arms tangled around him. He changed her whole life. Mahin knew it was frustrating since she could not hear. It angered her.

She would never hear her son's voice or his crying. The one thing she did not want was someone else's pity. The first year was rocky due to her transforming into being independent on her own--relying on smell, feeling certain movement, and keeping her eyes on him. Slowly it was just her and Faison. The smell that lingered was fading, never coming back. Her mother helping her out of the trouble that happened. There was no way she would take him for everything he had, her step-father was furious. Her comfort was hidden in her son, in dancing, in music, in fighting. All of the thoughts were sinful, wanting to beat the hell out of him. But in all of the madness, he might have had a reason for leaving. Mahin did not want to be told.

Instead Mahin wanted her son happy, seeing him without a father hurt her. Plus knowing all about her other family, her son did not need to be apart of that lifestyle. Bags packed after finally getting the courage to leave a couple of years later, her son has his father and she got her groove back. Boston was her new home. Now she plays at galas and being a trainer at a gym.

marcel ex-husband, father of child
Echo close friend, first friend in Boston


  • mahin is half-native american/african-american as maya is half-native american/latin american.
  • mahin and maya are both deaf.
  • mahin and maya are both musicians (pianist)


    photographic reflexes, concerpt level pianist, graceful dancer, master martial artist, master acrobat, expert marksman, multilingual, weapons proficiency, billy clubs, handguns, poisoned darts, shuriken, katanas and japanese bladed weapons

    memories of echo, avengers, ronin