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Weekly update November 14, 2017
Join Living Water Community Church For it's Annual Christmas Giving Tree!
The Annual Christmas Giving Tree is a long held tradition at Living Water Community Church. Started by Brenda Fenwick, this annual drive was created to serve those in need of the most cheer in the Boston area during the Christmas season. Christmas isn't always the easiest time for everyone, and those most in need of generosity are often overlooked. In order to give back to Boston's community, this Giving Tree was created to service those less fortunate than others. Everyone, regardless of faith, are welcome to participate in this Giving Tree, starting November 24th. Pariticipants for the Giving Tree are....
Living Water Community Church Assists in Puerto Rico donations
Living Water Community Church is another one of many establishments in the area to continue it's outreach in assisting those affected in Puerto Rico. The church announced that it had amassed over $559,00 dollars for those in need. Funds will go directly to those still suffering in the wake of Hurricane Maria. They join other...
Pastor Steven Fenwick: Living Water Community Church Will be Joining in Boston's Season of Giving
Steven Fenwick of Living Water Community Church announces Church's Involvement in Boston's Season of Giving recently announced that his congregation would be joining in on Boston's Season of Giving with an event to feed the homeless. He states that the mission of Living Water Community Church is to give to those in need, and as such will open the church doors to those in need this Thanksgiving. He asks that those who wish to come and volunteer contact the Church at 555-987-6363. Further information...
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